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Chris is a 3D video game artist with over 10 years of experience who is driven by the desire to create top notch video games and working with amazing people. From Command & Conquer Generals to the Sims Online, on to NCAA and Madden, he has actively contributed to over a dozen award winning titles for EA.

He has worked his way up from becoming the first QA tester at Tiburon to transition to the Art Department, to achieving a life goal of becoming Lead character artist on Madden NFL 13. His career path has helped him to have a very well rounded perspective of video game production.

He believes in the philosophy that “it takes a village to make a video game” and understands the value of receiving and finding ways to implement the ideas of others. He believes that working with everyone regardless of differences is crucial to creating fresh and innovative games as well as creating a healthy work environment. Always wanting to improve, he constantly looks for feedback and welcomes it.  He is driven by overcoming challenges and becoming a better artist and person.

Born and raised in central Florida, he got his ambition from his mother and strong work ethic from his father. Like most in the gaming industry, games played a major part in his childhood. Originally wanting to go to school for film with hopes of becoming a Director, things changed when video games began to offer a better way to experience a story.  So he graduated from Full Sail in 1999 determined to one day build a video game studio that would develop amazing and unforgettable games, one that has a work environment driven by creative people doing what they love and creating products that keep costumers returning for more. He has come a long way and still has a long way to go, but hasn’t lost sight of his goals.

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